Event Dates:

fri 29th March - mon 1st April 2024

Our sponsors

Events Tasmania

Our thanks go to Events Tasmania, a dynamic arm of the Department of State Growth. Established in 2014, this multi-faceted body merges strategy, community support, and business development to spark Tasmania's economic growth. They're not just about numbers, their scope extends over 14 portfolios including technology, international trade, energy, and our favorite - sport.

We're incredibly grateful for their ongoing commitment to fostering sporting activities and creating exciting opportunities right here in Tasmania.

Fair brother

A heartfelt salute to Fairbrother, a name that embodies quality, trust, and a deep sense of community. Founded in Tasmania in 1981, they've journeyed from a modest construction company to an industry titan, not just building infrastructures, but also shaping our region's future. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to nurturing talent, and emphasis on sustainable practices stand as their hallmarks.

We celebrate Fairbrother for their steadfast devotion to crafting structures that beautifully encapsulate the Tasmanian ethos of progress and unity.

The old woolstore

A round of applause for the iconic Old Woolstore in Hobart, Tasmania! Once a bustling center of the wool industry, this heritage property has gracefully adapted into an award-winning accommodation, beloved for its unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Beyond just a stay, it's a time capsule of Hobart's rich past, a testament to Tasmanian resilience, and a warm and welcoming hub for visitors.

We appreciate the Old Woolstore's continuous contribution to Hobart's vibrant culture and tourism.

Hadleys Orient Hotel

A grand tribute to Hadley's Orient Hotel, Hobart's timeless gem. This enchanting establishment, rich in history since 1834, offers more than just luxurious accommodation—it offers a journey into Tasmania's fascinating past. With its Victorian-era elegance seamlessly interwoven with modern comfort, Hadley's stands as a beloved landmark that enchants guests from across the globe. We are immensely grateful for their generous sponsorship of our event. It is their unwavering support and commitment to community engagement that makes our endeavors possible.

Thank you, Hadley's Orient Hotel, for continuing to play a pivotal role in celebrating and preserving our shared Tasmanian heritage.

Forte web design

A heartfelt acknowledgement to Forte Web Design, the virtuosos of the digital world. Based in Tasmania and crafting compelling web experiences for over a decade, they've become masters at transforming concepts into visually stunning and functionally superior websites. Their dedication to design excellence, technological innovation, and client satisfaction is truly admirable. We're incredibly thankful for Forte Web Design's invaluable support for our event, enhancing our digital footprint and engagement. Their expertise elevates our online interaction, enabling us to reach heights we never thought possible.

Thank you, Forte Web Design, for making our digital dreams a reality!

acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania)Aboriginal land, sea and waterways. We acknowledge, with deep respect the traditional owners of this land, the palawa people. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.
The Australian Masters Athletics National Championships is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania
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